Motivation comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s words of encouragement from our friends and other times we find it in the lyrics of our favorite song. Regardless of the source, it’s often what gets us through the day and keeps us going. 

Whether we’re climbing on the treadmill, doing circuit training or taking a spin class, motivation is the name of the game. That’s where I come in. I have this crazy idea that your workout, yoga session or dance class do not have to be boring. In fact, I think it can be empowering and fun at the same time! That’s the idea behind my custom line of workout T-shirts. They come with a variety of messages that are designed to make you laugh - but also get you going! How would you like to wear a shirt that says, “It’s My Workout, I’ll Cuss if I Want To,” or “Sweat is Just Fat Crying?” If that doesn’t make you laugh - and get motivated - nothing will. 

My tees are screen printed or embroidered with unique graphic designs and glitter. They’re perfect for your workout, yoga class or just running to the store. I guarantee you’ll be noticed! And these custom creations aren’t just for you. I’ve also designed a line of doggie T-shirts and matching tees for dog owners. The doggie tees are measured by weight, so your pooch will get a perfect fit! They’ll be noticed too, with messages like, “Game of Bones,” “Life’s Ruff” and “Can’t Hold My Licker.” I can also create custom branded apparel for your business, school, nonprofit, sports team or special event. is your online store for all of this!


Rob is our graphic designer, the guy we refer to as our “architect of style.” He comes up with all of the eye-catching designs for our custom T-shirts, business cards, flyers, print materials and logos. To say Rob loves his work would be an understatement! He lives and breathes inspiration, innovation and, well … style. And his experience runs deep. He’s created unique designs for clients in a variety of industries, including retail, sports apparel/equipment, corporate business, charity organizations and startups. Need some branded clothing that really pops and promotes your business? We’ve got it. Or maybe you’re looking for something that simply reflects the fun in your life. Either way, Rob’s your guy!


Experience counts for a lot, whether you’re repairing cars, designing websites or building houses. And Miguel, our screen printer, has it in spades. He’s been screen printing apparel for more than 26 years. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about his craft! Miguel plays close attention to details - all of those little things that mean the difference between a mediocre result and a mesmerizing one. He ensures that every custom order is accurate and exactly what the customer wants, and he strives to match the perfect PMS color by mixing the ink himself. PMS, for those who may not know, is the Pantone Matching System. It’s a system based on more than 1 thousand standardized ink colors! That’s a lot to keep track of, but Miguel’s got it under control. He works with schools, businesses, churches, temples, military, police, fire and special events.


Tony is a our master embroiderer. With more than 30 years experience, he approaches his work like a true Old World craftsman. But Tony has brought that expertise into the 21st Century with computer-aided design technology. Everything he embroiders lands in a DST file, which means it never gets lost. So if you need repeat orders he’s already got the precise specs to make that happen! And he’s a stickler for details - the kind of guy you want when you’re rushing to meet a deadline and need to ensure things are done right. Tony selects the right hoop and color thread to get the job done with a fast turnaround, and he maintains every embroidery machine to ensure that there are no mishaps. The upshot? Your order will arrive on time, and it will be perfect!