It’s Back-to-School Time!

School is back in session, and this means daily lunches, homework, and the chaos of trying to keep everything organized. If you have young children, putting names on everything your child brings to school is crucial to ensure all your child’s items return home. Not only can the amazing staff at People Wear Me Out create custom shirts, hoodies, beanies, and masks, but they can also personalize bags, lunch boxes, and more! With personalized school-related items, you can rest easy knowing your children’s belongings won’t end up in the black hole of lost and found!

               As for the teachers and staff, there are also dozens of customizable options for everyone on campus. From hand-sanitizers, to pens, to shirts and jackets, we can create amazing labels and products for every faculty member! Recently, the local Bridgeport Elementary School staff ordered custom t-shirts (see the image below) to commemorate the 2021-2022 school year. If you’re envious of their awesome t-shirts and want one for everyone at your school, we can be of assistance. There are plenty to go around!

               Autumn also equates to sports season, just in case the school year isn’t hectic enough. Whether you are coaching or watching from the sidelines, your child’s team can have personalized, one-of-a-kind sports jerseys, socks, hats, towels, and sports bags. Even if your child would rather catch butterflies instead of keeping an eye on the ball, customized sportswear designed by you and the team at People Wear Me Out means your kid will look great, no matter what.

               No matter what you have in mind for customized items, People Wear Me Out is the business to help you. We are local, put our customers’ needs above everything else, and strive to offer the highest-quality products and designs. We never cut corners, and always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. To discuss all your personalized item needs, please contact Ilene at 661-713-3731!